Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Project # 13 Lesson Plan 1

for the collaborative Lesson Plan assignment Shernaye James, Savanah Moore and I created a lesson plan intended for students in grade 2. Our Lesson Plan is title Hurricane Charting , This is the calendar of events for our week long lesson plan. Here is an Overview of our lesson plan. we start off with an introduction to the topic with a video about Hurricanes. Our main assignment for this lesson plan is a group assignment where the students create a Hurricane Tracking chart. The time line for this project is about 30-60 minutes a day for one week. The assignment will end on Friday after the presentations of the students tracking charts with a test on the material and fun weather related movie.
We also created a site dedicated to our lesson plan,Check it out here

Hurricane hitting the U.S

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  1. Interesting. Not required to have a current hurricane, correct?

    Is there a reason that Savanah Moore is not listed as a teacher on the Lesson Plan Overview?