Thursday, October 3, 2013

C4K Summary for September


My first C4K student's name was Michelle. She wrote her This I Believe essay on Softball being a team sport. Michelle gave excellent examples on how softball is a team sport, including cheering on your teammates, encouraging them when they miss a ball or simply passing the ball as quickly as possible. Michelle's essay was very well written she used proper grammar and did not have any major spelling mistakes. Michelle enhanced her essay even further by including a sound recording of her essay.

My Second C4K student's name was Himanshi. She is in fifth grade and lives in Guatemala City. In the post I read which was titled Writing A Song!, Himanshi writes about her experience when she wrote a song. She goes from the start to finish of writing the song. Himanshi shows very good writing skills and moderate grammar and spelling. Himanshi also shows excitement towards her blog which is wonderful to see. I enjoyed reading her post and seeing how excited she was about her song writing.

My third C4k student's name was Jabez. He is from the PT England school and in his 7th year of school in Auckland, NZ. His blog post was titled Rainbow Warrior Bombing. His post was about witnessing a bombing. He described how he witnessed how the bombs were placed and how the bombers were eventually caught. I commented on Jabez's post telling him that he did a very good job describing the scene he saw before him.

My fourth C4K student's name was Emmy. She is in Mrs.Ripp's 4th grade class. Emmy was assigned to be completely silent for 20 minutes while trying to solve brain teaser's with a partner. They did this activity in response to reading "Out of Mind", a story about a girl name Melody who suffers from Cerebral Palsy.In her post titled Silence! Emmy did a very good job writing about her experience. She explained how difficult it was to communicate without talking or writing. Emmy also wrote how she understands how difficult communicating must be for Melody. I responded to Emmy's post telling her that she did a very good job describing the activity and that she was very understanding of the difficulties Melody goes through.

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