Sunday, October 13, 2013

Blog Assignment #8

 21st Century Living written on a chalkboard

My group and I found many different educational tools that could be very useful. Some of the resources we found are Learnzillion, neok12, WatchKnowLearn, teacherTube, and Diigo. These are only a few of the many reasources available to teachers in the 21st century.

Diigo is a site that I found through one of my C4T assignments. I had never heard of it before but after it was mentioned in the post I decided to look into it. Diigo is a site that allows you to save information and share articles. With Diigo you and those you shared the article with are able to highlight and put notes on articles, allowing communication right there on the article. This site also allows you to create groups. The groups could be organized by grade level, subject or certain staff members. When you share an article with the group only they are able to view and comment on the article. The articles are saved and stored until they are needed. Diigo is great for when you find teaching resources and would like to share them, and with it being free it could be possible to create a class account that the students are able to use for group projects.
written by: Jacquelyne Mckiernan

Learnzillion is a website that provides high-quality instructional videos for grades 3-9. The lessons centered around Common Core standards in Math. LearnZillion provides assessment and progress reporting. Teachers can select a lesson for students to review and track their student’s progress, on the topic. LearnZillion is a free site. Teachers need to sign up first. You can search by grade level, topic, or standard. The way LearnZillion will be used, is by assigning videos for students to watch. After watching the assigned video, students will complete practice activities and quizzes. The benefits are: students can practice and review videos to help them understand the content which they are learning. LearnZillion is great because it helps in providing high-quality instructional content, for each individual student’s needs.
Written By: Shernaye James

The Learning Tube
Teachertube is a great website I use at work. At most schools, youtube is blocked when using the internet, so when teachers wanted to show their class a video about what they were learning they couldn’t! Teachertube was created so that teachers could enhance their students learning by showing them videos about the things they are learning on a safe website. It contains tons of educational videos that are appropriate for the classroom. At work, I use Teachertube when tutoring kids. Sometimes hearing the information another way in a video, helps the student understand better. Teachertube is also useful for me! The way kids are taught to do math is completely different from the way I was taught so it is useful for me to go on there and learn the new methods of learning!
Written By Savanah Moore


  1. Hi Jacquelyne,
    I just responded to the comment you left of my blog before visiting here. Coincidentally, I actually shared a link with you from diigo: - This is a collection of bookmarks that I think would be useful for new teachers. Enjoy the journey!

  2. I think the summaries were a bit brief! But the tools you all chose are interesting.