Tuesday, October 29, 2013

C4K Summary for October

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My first student for October's name is Mara. Mara is in Ms.Eppele's 6th grade class. In her blog post title The Book is Awesome!!!, Mara gives her opinion on Melody's new sister. It was really great to read Mara's post because she was so excited about the book and the information she was learning while reading. In my comment to Mara I told her how happy it makes me to see a student who is so excited about reading, and that she has very good writing skills.

My second student for October's name is Lizzie.She is in Mrs.Mclean's class. Lizzie's assignment was to choose a prompt from a list on her teacher's blog and write a post. Lizzie's post was titled What I like in a friend and it was a list of things she looks for in a friend. In my comment to Lizzie I told her that her list of things she looks for in a friend is a very strong list. Her list included someone who could be funny but also serious when necessary, someone who doesn't lie, and someone who likes her for who she is. I also encouraged Lizzie to never be ashamed of who she is because I feel that is one of the most important things a child should learn. Lizzie's writing skills were very nice. She used full sentences in her post and did not have any spelling errors.

My third student for October's name is Ben. He is in Mr. Warren Grieve's 5th grade class at Medbury School for Boys in ChristChurch, New Zealand. Ben is an excellent writer, he has very good grammar and writing skills for only being in 5th grade. His post was about their speech which is called Kiwi. Ben included very interesting facts on his post, and seemed to understand what he was saying in his post. The comment I left for Ben told him how excellent his writing skills were and that he should keep up the good work.

My fourth student for October was Mishaal. Mishaal is in Ms.Horst's 7th grade Language arts class in Oakland Ontario, Canada. Mishaal's post was about the book his class is reading titled Out of Mind, this is also the title of his post. Mishaal does a great job explaining what he has learned from the book, and how you should not judge people based on appearance or how they speak. Mishaal uses some details from the book to explain why you shouldn't judge someone. I told Mishaal that I agree with not judging people, I also agreed with the comment that Ms.Hurst posted saying that it was a great post but could use more specific details.

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