Monday, November 18, 2013

Final Report PLN Project #2

My PLN Before Shot

For my PLN I have continued using Symbaloo. I found that I really enjoy having Symbaloo as my home page because it makes going to my saved pages much easier because I can just click a button. On my PLN Symbaloo page I started out with only a few links to some educational sites and the blogs I followed for EDM310. Now after working on my PLN for a few months now, I have added many educational sites and even blogs that I have come across while working on my lesson plans and other assignments. My PLN is much more full than it was the last time I reported on it and there is far to much to explain every tile.

A few of the tiles I have added are:

I have added blog tiles for David Truss, Lisa Thurmann, and a blog I found on my own called E is for Explore created by Erin Bittman. I have also added a link to the student blog site EDUBlogs so that I can find it n the future.

Since my last report I have added tiles to many of the sites that we have used in EDM310 but also a few that I have found useful. These sites include TeacherLED, SMARTExchange, and Learn360. These sites are very useful when creatng lesson plans using interactive white boards.

My PLN After Shot

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