Monday, November 18, 2013

C4T #4

Post #1

Lisa Thumman
The fourth teacher I was assigned was Lisa Thumman, her blog is Thumann Resources. Lisa works with educators to improve teaching with technology. The post I commented on was about state common cores, and how she worked with the School for Global Education and Innovation at Kean University to form the Common Core Communities of Practice. These communities will focus on improving practices and they will provide a collaborative onsite and virtual work space for teachers. Teachers will be able to connect and discuss instructional practices and how to enhance learning for students.

Post #2

In this next post titled 20 Percent Time. Lisa discusses her findings on how teachers are implementing google's 20% Time. She gives examples on how certain teachers are using the 20 % Time to have their students choose a project and complete over a period of time and having them document there work as they progress. One example that Lisa gave I really enjoyed reading about was the organization that Rory Fundora's daughter Mallory created. This was not designed with the 20% Time project in mind, but on her own she decided to raise money to sponsor two students. Not only was she able to surpass her goal but she is now managing countless resources and raising much more money than she ever thought possible. I commented on her post and said how excited I was about the idea of 20% Time in the classroom. I really enjoy community service so I plan to use the 20% Time to have my students enhance their learning by helping others.

Google's 20% Time Logo

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