Monday, September 30, 2013

C4T #2

Blogging and the Literacy Curriculum
My second teacher blog that I read and commented on was titled Primary Tech written by Kathleen Morris. Mrs. Morris is a teacher at Leopold Primary School in Australia. Mrs. Morris's post that I commented on is titled Blogging and the Literacy Curriculum . In this post Mrs.Morris writes about her experience with introducing blogging into her curriculum. She does not just have the students blog pointlessly, she incorporates the blogging into her lessons. I really enjoyed the section of her blog labeled "Blogging is all about Literacy", Morris gives very good reasoning for using blogs in the classroom. In my comment to Mrs.Morris, I told her that I agree with that students should be able to read, write and interact across a range of platforms tools and medias. I also agree with her idea that Blogging is an excellent way to teach traditional and multi-modal 21st century skill.

Looking Back, Looking Forward
My second post by Mrs.Morris was titled Looking Back,Looking Forward.In this post Mrs. Morris explains how she is cleaning out her teaching resources and updating to the 21st century. Mrs. Morris was leaving her classroom for maternity leave, and was not sure when she would be returning. As Morris cleans her classroom out and prepares it for the new teacher, she writes about her experiences as a new teacher up to now when she is leaving after 10 years. I really liked reading this post because in my experience, most teachers who have been teaching as long as Mrs. Morris or longer do not make the switch to 21st century teaching styles. Mrs. Morris gives great examples of how she is updating her plans for teaching when she returns by throwing out her beloved work sheets and busy work and introducing a more hands on learning experience for her students.
stack of discarded worksheets

future and past collide sign

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