Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Blog Assignment #5

iCurio and Discovery Ed


iCurio is a site that offers digital curriculum that focuses on the individual needs of the students in grades k-12. iCurio is a useful tool to help enhance lectures and improve student engagement in the lecture. iCurio has many benefits; the most obvious benefit would be the personalization that it offers. iCurio allows the teacher to focus on the specific needs of the students. iCurio provides tools and flexibility to become individual learners and give the teacher a chance to work with students who need extra help. iCurio also encourages student engagement using videos, interactive activities and images. I plan to use iCurio in my future classroom to help personalize my lesson plans and enhance my lecture with videos and images.

Discovery Ed

Discovery Ed is an online media service that offers real time assessments, interactive textbooks, virtual activities, customizable and state standards materials. Discovery Ed encourages students to be more engaged in their classroom, because it transforms a traditional classroom into a digitally enhanced classroom. Discovery Ed also provides a homework help section for students to use if they are having trouble with their homework. In my classroom I plan to use Discovery Ed for morning work assignments, and to enhance my lectures even further.

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