Friday, August 23, 2013

Blog Assignment #1

Sugata Mitra's video makes a very good point. It was very neat to watch the clips of the students teaching themselves and each other how to browse the computer. Mitra states that in this day and time " to know is obsolete" I find this very true because, kids in elementary school are able to navigate computers and could easily find the answer to a question they are looking for. The program SOLE that Mitra introduces with saying that we need to let learning happen was very intriguing to me. I agree with Mitra in that trying to force the material at the students will not make them want to learn the information. However, letting the students learn the material and find the information out on their own is a wonderful way to get these students excited about learning.

Mitra has great ideas about the education aspect of learning, but Krissy Venosdale's ideas about making the school an exciting and fun place to learn is an absolutely fantastic idea. Venosdale's dream school seems like the perfect idea for a school, students would be more excited to go to school and learn if they could go to school in an environment where they are comfortable and interested in what is going on around them. Her statement about putting comfy chairs and decorated, fun classrooms and hallways is great. In my perfect classroom I would love to be working with younger elementary students, using a very hands on method of teaching.

What I Want My Students To Know

In my classroom I would want my students to know how to have fun while learning. I would want my students to learn through hands on activities as well as through technology based learning. I would want my students to learn the basics but to use technology in a way that is creative and informational. For example a kindergartner using the computer to watch an educational video and then doing a corresponding activity in a hands on center.

What do I want my students to be able to do

In my classroom I want my students to be able to read and write but also be able to navigate on a computer or tablet device. I want my students to be able to learn and be creative on their own but to also be in the 21st century and use technology to make their learning and creativity grow into ideas and activities that were not possible before computers and other devices were introduced into the classroom.

What will be my primary way of teaching my students what I want them to know and to do

My primary way of teaching would be very hands on. I want my students to learn through doing rather than through sitting in a desk listening to me talk all day.

What tools will I use in the classroom

In my classroom I will use all tools that are open to me. In my dream classroom, that would mean computers for every student but also interactive boards and other technology devices students can use to learn by navigating the internet or by searching for pictures of far off places. In my classroom I would want sensory tools along with the technology devices. For example a hands on table for the different senses; The table would have different items to touch, smell, hear or see enabling the student to learn by doing.

What role will students play in my classroom

In my classroom the student would help move along the class. If the students are confused we would slow down, but if they understand the material we would move on. I want my students to get out all that is possible from my class. I want them to feel inspired to learn more.
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  1. Hi Jacquelyne, After reading this blog, I had to double check to make sure it was not mine. We have very similar views about what we want for our students. I agreed with all of your responses, especially having your students learn through doing and being hands on. It would be hard to teach someone who does not want to learn. You have to get the kids involved, so they want to learn. When I think about kids, one thing that comes to mind is having fun. Kids love to do things they enjoy, so why wouldn't teachers make learning fun. By your blog I know you will be a dedicated teacher.

  2. "The video on Sugata Mitra brings forward very good point." Better: Sugata Mitra's video makes a very good point.

    " ... to be able to read, and write but also be able to navigate on a computer or tablet device." Remove the comma after read. You will have more trouble with "read and write" than with "navigate on a computer or tablet"!

    " In my classroom,I would..." Remove the comma but leave the resulting space.

    Thoughtful. Interesting.